Update on the new addition.

I am actually on the phone with Linda, the birth mom, now and we’re talking about the birth of the newest member of the family.  It sounds like she is in great health and that the “player to be named later” is doing fine as well.  She just shared with us that Michelle will be able to be in the delivery room for the birth.  Because I can’t even watch Discovery Health Channel, it is for the best that I am out in the hall again for this one. 

Michelle of course, is thrilled about being in the room.  Linda is much more comfortable with us, and the process this time.  So are we to be honest.   There were so many unknowns the last time, and well, let’s face it, we were basically strangers.  Linda shared with us on the call that she regularly reads the blog.  (Hi Linda!) That prompted me to look at it and realize that I hadn’t posted anything in several weeks.  So what better reason to write a post than to share the news that Michelle will be there for the birth.

As an added bonus, here is Logan jamming to some BB King.  He said, “Loud Daddy.”, and he requested that I put the windows down.  What a cool kid.


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2 thoughts on “Update on the new addition.

  1. Birthmother Linda

    My lil buga boo.. He is a very handsom boy.. N has good taste in music.. He love Al Greene when I was listenin to it.. Made a mess in the belly.. Almost think he was dancing.. I am so happy that You two got such a wonderful son n one coming to.. Good luck.. Cant wait to c u……Tell Logan I love him n how proud of him I am..

  2. John Durkin

    WOW…congratulations Deron & Michelle! I hadn’t checked your blog in months and when I first saw the title “New Addition” I thought you were adding on a room to your house or something. 😉

    How exciting! All the best!


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