You think I’d learn…..

Seeing as how Lawson is our second child, you would have thought I’d have learned a few things with the first boy and not make those same mistakes.  Wrong.  I was changing Lawson’s diaper today and just as I opened the little treasure box, he decided to continue to unload some solid waste.  I was caught a little offguard, and I moved my hand away, leaving his little liquid waste dispenser uncovered.  Mistake. Cold air makes infant boys pee.  It is a rule,  you can carve it in stone.  I know this.  I ignored it today and I had to change clothes as a result.

We went out to dinner with Michelle’s parents tonight. Lawson needed a change, and I was the first one done with my meal so I took him to the men’s room.  The baby changing table was in the only stall in the place.  For some reason, I feel it necessary to talk to my boys as I change their diapers.  At least in Logan’s case, he can respond to my words.  Lawson, not so much.  So, here I am, behind closed doors, in a public restroom…….”no, keep it in your mouth….no really, you’ll stop crying if you just keep it in your mouth.”  Of course, I was referring to a pacifier.  The other gentleman who was in the restroom at the time however did not fully understand the situation and left rather hurriedly.   I guess I can understand how he would get the wrong impression, but it really was innocent.

On a positive note, our newest little addition lifted his head off Michelle’s chest today and looked around.  Mind you, he is only 8 days old.  Yet another advanced youngster to raise.  I’m not sure if I should be busting my buttons with pride, or fearing for my future.  I can see some interesting situations coming up in my future when Logan and Lawson put both their minds to work and come up with new and terrifying ways to challenge my parenting skills.  Bring it on boys!

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One thought on “You think I’d learn…..

  1. Dale

    I am soo thankful that everything went smoothly. I haven’t called because I figured you would have your hands full for some time to come. I heard the story of how the dog sitter unpacked boxes from the move. Everything is clicking like clockwork. God bless you two and my two nephews too!

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