Hello again.

Sorry for the long absence.  Between moving, baby, and work, there has been little time for anything else.   We went this past weekend to Cincinnati, where my family still lives.  They got to meet Lawson, and see how Logan has grown.  I didn’t think much about it, but when my mom was struck by just how much Lawson looked like Logan at 2 months old, I dug out some baby pictures.  She was right.  The similarities are amazing.

A 500 mile drive with a 2 1/2-year-old and an infant is not something I would strongly recommend that you attempt.  There are long stretches of road where there is little or nothing to see other than trees and fields.  Those of us who are of the “pre in-car entertainment era” this is not that big a deal.  For kids who have only known wireless internet, and on demand video, long stretches of analog only cell phone access means that they no longer have access to entertainment.  Logan is not an addict of the TV, and by no means is he an internet addict,  but when you try to explain why he can’t see Sesame Street or Barney on the IPad he has always accessed it on, it is difficult for him to grasp.  Tears ensued.

When you stop a moment to think about perspective it is shocking.  Neither of my sons will grow up in a world of black and white TV.  No getting up to change the channel or adjust the antenna.  They have never seen a rotary dial phone.  Almost all phones have no wires.   The internet is everywhere all the time.  TV isn’t something you have to schedule your life around if you want to see a particular show.  In fact, when we were in Cincinnati, Logan was watching a cartoon, and said to me, “Pause it, I need to go potty.”  The hotel did not have a DVR, so I had to try to explain why I couldn’t pause the TV.  That did not go well.   I downloaded a song off of ITunes that he liked, and played it for him in the car.  As most 2-year-old kids would, he asked that it be played again and again.  In his world, this is no feat of engineering, but I remember when that would require rewinding, or worse yet, it simply couldn’t be done.   Logan often asks Michelle or I to take a picture of him doing something.  We comply, because we pretty much always have a cell phone on our person with a camera.  10 years ago, that wouldn’t have happened.

Our society has changed dramatically in the last 20 years.  Things that I consider luxuries are “standard equipment” for my kids.  I wonder what the future will hold for them that I can’t even imagine now.  Maybe they will look back on tube radio that I have that belonged to my dad and his father and write a similar blog post fondly recalling the days when mobile internet coverage was not everywhere, and  you actually had to have a phone the size of your palm to make a call.   In the meantime, I will just count my blessings that my boys will have things I couldn’t imagine at their age.

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One thought on “Hello again.

  1. KimW

    Let me start with this…you were in Cincinnati? Michelle too? And I missed it?
    And I’ll finish by giving this blog the subtitle of “Back in my day”. You’re a father, it was bound to happen 🙂 Sending my best to you all.

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