Where have I been?

Lawson gives a big grin to his cousin Jillian.


Well, I’ve been away because I was hesitant to write about the things going on in our lives.  I got clearance from “the boss” and so here goes nothing.

Back in November, Michelle got laid off.  When she got laid off, her company car went away as well.  Well thank you very much, cut the income and slap us with a huge unplanned expense at the same time.  Ouch.   We managed.  She got a good used car that is reliable, safe, and fuel-efficient.

Let me go back a little bit in time. (picture Wayne’s World doodly doo motion here)  Back in August, we moved to a new house.  Then in September, we got Lawson. Both of those were rather significant expenditures.  No need to talk numbers, but suffice it to say they were both budget busters.  So, to continue painting the picture….we had two mortgages when Michelle got laid off.  Ouch.

But wait, there’s more!  In December, Marvin, Michelle’s dad began having a serious medical concern.  I don’t have clearance to write about all the details, but suffice it to say it was serious enough to require hospitalization, and at present he is still in the hospital.  (though that may change soon)

Enough with the negative stuff, now for the positive.  As a result of some personal growth training I went through in our days back in Cincinnati, I have learned to try to always identify the opportunity in any given situation, no matter how challenging.  (yes Gator, I  paid attention)  The biggest and most significant positive is the fact that I now am the proud parent of two sons!  Lawson is growing like a weed.  He is in 6-9 month clothes (at 4 months old)  with the sleeves and pant legs rolled up.  He is happy and healthy, and so is Logan.

Logan is almost completely potty trained.  We have had a couple of accidents, but by and large that one can be checked off the to do list.

We also found a renter for the old house.  It was a family whose own home had burned just before Christmas.  They had a need for a 4 bedroom home to rent for a relatively short period of time, and we needed just that.  We gave them our old dining room furniture since theirs was ruined.  That felt pretty good.

Work has been a positive for me as well.  Sometimes hard work does pay off.  I’ve been recognized for what I know and can do, and while I am not at liberty to give specifics, suffice it to say that good things are in the works.

I am grateful to have good friends who are supportive and caring.  In fact, I read something interesting today.  Psychologists have come up with a method to measure happiness.  (Don’t ask how, I have no idea)  In their findings, they determined that a $10,000 raise in pay, on average, raised a person’s happiness by 2%.  A good and trusted friend raised it by 9%.  Also, there was only a very slight difference in the happiness levels of people who were millionaires over those of us who are everyday Joe’s.   It is an interesting article, and here is the link if you care to read it yourself.  One other point the article made was that people who display an attitude of gratitude are measurably happier.

Sure, times are tough for our little family at the moment, but I believe the reason for all of this, while not clear at the moment, is all part of God’s plan, and will have an outcome more positive than I can conceive.  In the meantime, we are paying our bills, looking for opportunities, and being grateful for what we have.

I’d like to request that you please keep Marvin in your prayers.

Thanks for reading.

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2 thoughts on “Where have I been?

  1. John Durkin

    Hey Deron,

    Thanks for the update. I check your blog occassionaly and thought the lack of details were just related to the holiday craziness that we all have that time of year. Sorry to hear about Michelle’s job; sounds like you guys have the right perspective though. All situations are temporary so keep your chin up. 🙂

    Great story about the renters. I believe very firmly in reaping and sowing. Keep putting good stuff out there for other people and it will eventually make it’s way back to you….

    If you ever venture up near Yankee territory, let me know. I’d love to grab a brew and catch up. I travel a little more for my job I’ll see if I can swing a Memphis trip. So far, I’ve been stuck with a Toronto and Pittsburgh trip. Oh well, maybe next time.

    Take care,

    John Durkin

  2. karen minshall

    Hey Deron…..Everything will be good…life is way to short….kinda like a stop sign!! Steve (my husband lost his job just over a year now…and I feel that Gos is always looking out for us…Andrea is engaged and out of college and engaged….wow where did that time go???? I ask myself each and every day…She is now ready to start her new life with a great guy!

    ….Sooooo enjoy those little guys….no matter what happens…life goes on…just keep smiling:)

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