Has it really been that long?

I just realized that my last post was in January.  Wow…….

So, Lawson is now 6, going on 7 months old.  He is cutting 2 teeth, and still doesn’t like to sleep at night consistently. He is still happy and healthy, pushing 20 lbs. He laughs now, and his brother and his cousin Jillian are his favorite comedians. He does not yet crawl, but he does manage to move himself backwards when put on the floor.  

He also has absolutely no fear of the dogs, and is responsible for breaking many a necklace.  He also likes to pull hair, which doesn’t bother me at all.  (I’m bald)  All in all, he is a typical 6 month old and we are happy to have him.

Logan has had a challenge or two in the last couple of months.  We were at his cousin’s  house, and he and his cousin Everett (5) were playing.  They were getting up on an ottoman and jumping on a pile of pillows on the floor. Well, as luck would have it, Logan missed the pillows.  He complained that his heel hurt the next day, so we took him to the doctor.  Well, we took him to a pediatric orthopedist actually.  The doc diagnosed that he had a break in his leg.  The doc described it this way: “If you take a green twig and twist it, it doesn’t break cleanly, it sort of comes apart into stringy sections.  That is what Logan’s leg has done.”  I must have looked horrified, because the doc then added that this was entirely normal in kids his age, and they heal quickly, easily, and without any long term impact.  Whew.  So, Logan was in a walking cast for 2 weeks, and then a removable boot thing for another 2 weeks.  Now he is running as if nothing ever happened.  

As for the challenges we as a family have faced, some are better, some are not.  We still have two houses, but with one rented, that concern is temporarily off the plate.  Michelle has not yet found a job, but keeps tossing her hat in the ring, and does continue to get interviews.  I will know in about 3 days whether or not I will be required to go to Evansville Indiana for an extended period.  If my company doesn’t sign a new contract with their union, I’ll have to go there and play telephone installer for a month or until they settle the strike. I am not at all excited about that possibility. 

We had some family in town a few weeks ago and Logan got to play with his cousin Sayer, and Lawson got to play with his cousin Ella.  Both are close in age to our boys, and they each had a great time.  

Marvin and Donna, Michelle’s parents, have moved to our town and are living there full time now.  Logan asks almost every day if he can go see his “Nina and Papa”.  Marvin’s medical situation is stable at present.  He will be undergoing some new treatment starting very soon, and we hold hope that it will improve his situation.  

Spring is in full swing here.  Some things have already finished blooming, and grass cutting started a month ago.  Because of budget concerns, our home improvement projects are not likely to be big ones this year.  I have made good use of my “Weed Dragon” weed burner.  It uses propane to burn weeds instead of using chemicals.  I’ve declared war on the privet, and whenever I need to take out some frustration, I go cook some weeds.  It actually makes weeding fun.  

We made a trip up to Cincinnati to see my nephew get married over St Patrick’s Day weekend.  It was great to see family and get away for a few days.  For any of my Cincy friends who are reading this, please don’t be offended.  We had lots of family stuff to attend to, and we didn’t visit any friends, only family.  

My mom had surgery recently for an aortic aneurysm.  It was successful, but she is taking a while to bounce back from the stress of it all.  

I wish this was more of a heart felt story rather than a laundry list of things that happened, but I felt obligated to catch up with this post.   With all the stressful things going on recently, I haven’t had the same spark I have had in the past to write the blog, but I will try to keep my eyes open for those “kid moments” that seem to inspire my most heartfelt writing, and post those soon. 

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2 thoughts on “Has it really been that long?

  1. Gene

    Things get busy and the first to go will always be the blog.

  2. holly johnson

    Hey lawson! Hope everythings going good with you. Good luck to the two of you as well! Just wanted to say lawson we miss you. And we love you! Maybe one day we will be able to meet but until then your big sis says I love you!!!

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