Ok, so I was busy.

Being the father of two kids under 4 years old is more time consuming than I expected.  That isn’t a complaint, just a statement of fact.  Blog posts become a much lower priority when you have a crying baby or a 3 year old saying, “Daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy.”   So, now for an update.  I’ve been kicking around the idea of a blog post featuring “Loganisms”.  But since I haven’t posted in 2 months, I’ll just make that part of this one, not the whole thing. 

Logan likes to get words almost right, but put his own spin on them.  The other day we were at his Nina’s house (grandmother) and he was picking up acorns and smashing them on the driveway.  He was calling them pinecorns. 

He doesn’t drink lemonade, he drinks lemolade.  Popsicles are poppy-sicles.  Railroad crossing gates are ding ding dongs.

Just about every night when I get him from daycare, he asks, “What are we going to do tonight, go to Everett’s house?”  One of the really wonderful things about having family close by is that he has a bond, and also an expectation of interaction with his extended family that I never did growing up.  He EXPECTS to have dinner every night with either his cousins, his grandparents or some mix of the two, and is disappointed when dinner is at home with no other attendees except his immediate family.  Personally, I think that is a pretty cool way to grow up,  having your cousin be one of your best friends. (Everett, Logan’s cousin is adopted too bye the way) 

He reminds me of my relationship with my own brother when I see him interact with Lawson.  He loves to make Lawson laugh, and Lawson pretty much will laugh at anything and everything Logan does.  It makes for some magical and heart warming sounds.  Lawson giggling, Logan making silly noises and giggling when Lawson laughs.  That is the good stuff.  Logan also likes very much to “hold Lawson”.  The English translation is, grab his little brother as tightly as he can, and lay on top of him. (this is the part that reminds me of my brother, not that laughing part) I can already see that there will be much wrestling in our future. 

Michelle landed a new job and starts work next Monday.  That means some pretty big changes for the little guy.  He has had the luxury of having his mommy at home with him since November.  We do have him on the list to go to the same daycare as Logan, but until a spot opens up in August, his Nina has graciously agreed to provide daycare for him.  He is growing like Kudzu (the vine that ate the south, for you Yankees).  He is over 20 lbs now, and only crawls long enough to get to a vertical surface so he can pull up and walk along it.  Since my last post he has started to transition to “solid” foods.  (sorry Gerber, but that stuff isn’t really solid)  It cracks me up every time I see it, but he LOVES dill pickles.  Of course, with only 2 teeth, he isn’t really eating it, but he puts it in his mouth, turns the juicy part toward his only two teeth on the bottom, and squeezes all the juice out.  Yes, he eats the whole pickle that way.  And, if he sees one and doesn’t have his own, he reaches and does his little, “Uh, uh!” indicating he wants one.  

To support my previous statement about him growing like crazy, Michelle just got them matching outfits for some occasion.  Logan’s shorts were 24 month, and we had to put an elastic strap on his waist to keep them from sliding down over his non-existent behind. Mind you, Logan is 3 1/2 yrs old.  Lawson, on the other hand is not yet 9 months old, and his pants were 18 month size.  He is a HOSS.  I have a feeling it won’t take 25-30 years for Lawson to be the brother that is winning those wrestling matches like it did me.  

Memorial Day was a fun time.  We had friends and family come to the house and we did the normal grilling out etc.  But, Michelle got the boys a Slip N Slide.  (I was never allowed to have one, so I thought this was very cool)  Well, I’m here to tell you that the ads for Slip N Slide are misleading.  They show plenty of water and easy sliding.  Our experience was that the water flow was like an asthmatic grandfather blowing the water through the hose.  We put a sprinkler on it at the top and then it worked ok.  So, if you are in the market for something like a Slip N Slide, save your money and get a big sheet of plastic at the Orange or Blue store and put a sprinkler on it. It will work just as well if not better and cost a lot less.

I have run out of time to write.  Until the next time.

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4 thoughts on “Ok, so I was busy.

  1. dale monroe

    Great update bro. Are you sure it was 25 years before you could beat me up, I think less.

  2. holly johnson

    Awww sounds like lawson is getting to be pretty big.
    Just wanted to thank the both of you for being such great people and taking care of him he has amazing parents!!!! Your forever missed lawson, thought of everyday maybe one day you can meet all your other brothers and sister good luck guys!!

  3. russ johnson

    i miss him.but realise he is in good hand.who could ask for better parents

  4. russ johnson

    as much as i hate to admitt it .it is the best thing that could have happend to lawson.just wish i would have made different choices when filling out the paper work .it would have been a littlt different but hey .he is in great hands.i thank you two so much.and i also thank my daughter for finding your blog .thank you holly.i do have three children total ashley,18,holly,17.rusty,16.and also a speacil little girl that i still like to call my daughter lexi love all of you very much…….you wont b seeing to many more post from …….thank you again

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