Time flies.

Ok, so it has been 4 months since my last post.  I’d apologize again, but like I said in the last post, being a dad takes priority.  Since my last post, Lawson has been struggling with ear infections almost constantly since late May.  So, in late September he got tubes put in his ears.  We just had his follow up visit and his ears are clear and dry.  As a side effect, he moved from walking to running well.  His language skills are a little behind simply because for 3 months he had trouble hearing.  He now says, “Uh oh” when he drops something, so he is catching up pretty quickly.  As a result of frequent trips to the doctor, we have an accurate weight on Lawson.  He is right at 26 lbs.  Logan, who is coming up quickly on 4 yrs old, weighs 33 lbs.

They wrestled today just a little bit, and it was not surprising that when Lawson threw himself on top of Logan on the floor that Logan was surprised to find he could not move him off.  The teens promise to be an interesting time in our home. 

Logan continues to grow like a weed.  He has developed a love for Curious George and enjoys his weekly gymnastics class.  He has also developed a fear of thunderstorms.  Nearly every time we get a night time thunderstorm, he ends up in the middle of our bed.  At least he sleeps well on those occasions. 

I continue to be amazed by both boys.  The other day Logan said to me, “Do you know how much I love you daddy?”  I replied, “No, how much?”  He replied, “500.”  That is the biggest number he knows at this point in his life, and now that has become a thing between Michelle and I. 

The unexpected little things are the hidden gems in the journey of a parent.  When you walk into the daycare to pick up Lawson, and he hears your voice, turns, throws both hands up in the air and runs to you grinning.  Or, when you drop off Logan in the morning and he get distracted upon walking in the room, and I turn to leave and he comes running out saying, “Daddy!  I need my hug!” 

As long as I am on this journey, it will be the little gem like moments that I treasure and that I plan to continue relaying here.  Tune in next time for the further adventures of L&L productions.

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One thought on “Time flies.

  1. gator

    Cool beans! I guess you have come to realize what we saw in our children. Signed, every parent

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