2013 moving toward better days

Since my last post in October a lot of things have happened.  My father in law Marvin, finally lost his battle with cancer in November.  It is unfortunate that both boys will grow up without grandfathers, but Michelle’s mom makes up for it in my opinion.  She absolutely adores the boys and spends as much time with them as she is able.  I didn’t have the benefit of a grandmother growing up, and judging by how they boys both react to her, I missed out.

Illness has hit our family hard in the past few months.  I had pneumonia, and slightly more than a week after I beat that, Lawson came down with strep, which meant we all did because he couldn’t tell us his symptoms.  Finally all of us seem to be healthy.

Not all the news is bad.  We finally sold our house that we moved out of in August of 2011.  That means that we no longer have 2 mortgages, electric, water, garbage collection, sewage, gas bills each month.   You cannot imagine the relief that came along with getting out of that financial drag.

The boys continue to be a delight.  Lawson’s language is developing since we had tubes put in his ears.  He is still a bit behind in that respect, but given that he had so many ear infections, and they were present for so long, it isn’t a surprise.  He says, Uh oh, mama, dada, thank you, down, no, bye bye and makes a few noises that aren’t words, but we understand what he means when he uses them.   He shows an understanding of what is going on around him so I know he is paying attention to things.  It is just a matter of time until he catches up.

The boys had a great Christmas.  Santa brought some toys that were surprising.  One was a roller coaster…..let that sink in for a minute. Yes, really, a roller coaster.  It is made by the same folks who make those backyard plastic playhouses, and the little red cars all kids seem to have.  It is 10 feet long, and has a couple of hills.  They really like it.  They other thing is an indoor trampoline.  No, it isn’t 10 ft across,  it is about 2 ft across, and has supports that hold a net all around it.  I don’t think a day has passed since Christmas that those toys have sat idle for 24 hrs.

The new year has begun, and I did not make a resolution.  I am just going to continue to work toward being the best husband, dad and employee I can be.  The rest is outside my control anyway.

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One thought on “2013 moving toward better days

  1. becky

    could sure use updated picture not on facebook so not watching them grow

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