Never enough

No matter how many things you manage to accomplish, something always slips through the cracks.  Lately it has been the blog.  There is just never enough time.  At the moment, Michelle and Logan are playing with a beach ball in the front hallway, and Lawson is asleep, so I’m stealing a moment to write.

Since my last post in January our family has done a few things.  Most recently, Logan went for 4 days with his grandmother “Nina” to Alabama to visit cousins.  He had a really good time playing with Cousin Jeremiah.  Working backwards, we spent a long weekend in St. Louis with some other cousins a few weeks back.  Logan and Lawson both had a blast.  Logan got to hang out with his older cousins, Gabby and Betsy.  (9 and 12)  They were amazingly helpful with the boys and Logan especially had LOTS of fun with them.  We went to the City Museum (  That place is flat out awesome!  They have done amazing things with ordinary stuff to make the most unique playground in the world.

The outdoor playground part at City Museum.


It doesn’t look it from this pic, but that tunnel Logan and I are in is 8 stories up in the air. That was not at all fun to turn around inside.


We also have spent a lot of time doing stuff around the house.  One of Logan’s favorite things to do now is “dig for treasure”.  Whenever we go outside to weed or plant stuff, he brings a shovel and digs for treasure.

I don’t mean to exclude Lawson.  He is growing like kudzu.  Logan weighs in at 35 lbs at 4.5 yrs old, Lawson weighs 31.  Lawson has grown 2 inches in the last 3 months.  They wear the same size shorts.  Let me remind you that Lawson turned 20 months old yesterday. He is huge.  EVERYTHING his big brother does, Lawson wants to do.  He follows big brother Logan around and mimics everything he does.  It really is fun to watch.  At the last doctor’s appointment, we asked, because we were a bit concerned that Lawson doesn’t talk much at this point.  The doc said 8-10 words is normal.  Lawson says at least 20 words, not words anyone outside the family would necessarily understand, but we do, and he learns more all the time.  We had tubes put in his ears a few months back, and that has made a world of difference for him.  He is no longer fighting some sort of infection all the time.

Our lives are busy, but a good busy.  I’ve gotten over my guilt for not posting updates more frequently.  I am enjoying spending time with the boys and watching them grow.  I’ll choose that over sitting behind a laptop typing about it any day.


The boys in one of my favorite stores.


Daddy and the boys.


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