About Us

We are two normal (well, nearly so) people living in the mid-south who have just made the decision to try to adopt. The blog will not be exclusively about adoption. Please feel free to join us on this journey.

Update 12/18/2008  Since we have been successful in adopting, and I enjoy writing this blog, the blog will now be about whatever I feel like writing about, but will still primarily be focused on my (our) lives as new parents and the joys, trials, and surprises we encounter.   Our lives have been forever changed by a birth mother whom we can never adequately thank for making the choice to let us parent her son.  Thanks again….You’ve made us the happiest people on the planet!

Update 1/7/2011

This blog will continue to be about whatever I feel like writing about at any given moment, but family and friends brought to my attention that maybe someday Logan will read this.  So, it is now also a diary of sorts.  All parents have vivid memories of their kids growing up.  I am hoping that by saving the things that cross my mind and the feelings I have about what goes on that someday my son will be able to read it, and know that his father loved him with a passion that he cannot understand until he has a child of his own.


Update 8/23/2011

The birth mother who gave us Logan contacted us and is now allowing us to adopt another of her children.  Logan’s brother should be born somewhere around September 15th ,2011.   We could not be happier!


2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Mark Corbett

    Waiting for news. John is at work so call my phone. I know you MUST be busy and a bit overwhelmed.

  2. Keep on blogging! I love to hear about what’s going on with you and the wonderful stories you share about your amazing son!

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