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Changes galore are in the works.  We have a new crib for family member yet to be named.  Logan’s new room has been painted with cool new mural like things on the walls.  We are slowly moving stuff to the new house.  We found a reliable contractor to get some work done at the present house and the new house.  That lifts some psychological burdens about how to get everything done before the new guy arrives.   Michelle has arranged movers and she found the contractor.  I was out-of-town much of last week, so she has been the rock of the family.   All this is the “stuff” that occupies our time and thoughts while we get prepared for our new arrival.

I’ve purchased two wireless IP cameras that have full pan and tilt functionality.  Yes, I am a geek. We can watch both cameras from our laptops, and our phones.

Lastly, I need to share another Logan story.  The little man and I went for a drive this morning to pick up my mower from the repair shop.   It was about 20 miles away, so there was plenty of time for us to chat.  On the way home, I had on Sirius/XM’s Classic Vinyl station.  Edgar Winter’s “Free Ride” came on and Logan said, “Loud Daddy”.   We continued driving and listening to 70s era classic rock, and Logan was chair dancing the whole time.  He has got to be the coolest 2-year-old on the planet.

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Exciting things are afoot.

Now that we’ve talked to all the family members, I’m allowed to post something about the exciting new prospect in our future.  Bear in mind Michelle and I have talked about this extensively and whether or not you agree with us, we have come to a decision.  We were contacted by The Adoption Center of Choice, our adoption agency, to let us know that Logan’s birth mom was pregnant.  She had asked them to contact us to see if we were interested in adopting Logan’s half brother. (I’ll give you a moment to let that sink in…..)

Most adoptive families have to create their family unit by way of assembling children from different parents,  and while the kids grow up as brothers and sisters, they are not blood relatives.  Logan will actually grow up with his blood half brother.  How cool is that?!?!?! As a parent of an adopted child, one of the things you have to accept is that you do not have the benefit of looking into your family history to get any idea of what medical concerns to expect.  For example, a family history of heart disease, cancer, and the like are simply something we don’t have the benefit of knowing.   That doesn’t change necessarily, with adopting siblings, but at least we will have some idea what to expect based upon our experience with Logan.

I’ve mentioned before that I honestly believe that God is actively working in our lives, and I believe this is yet another instance of that becoming apparent to me. When Michelle and I decided to buy a bigger house with more yard, we didn’t do so with 2 little boys in mind.  Our present home would have been big enough, but in the new house, each boy will be able to have an 18×13 room.  The two boys will have their own bathroom.  They will have nearly 2 acres to play on.  What little boy wouldn’t be thrilled to have woods, a creek, and a barn to play in?

Sure, I will be 63 by the time the youngest graduates high school.   Guess what!  I don’t care!  I’m a good dad!  There isn’t a father on this planet who loves his son more than I do.   And I know exactly what this entails at my age.  I accept that responsibility, and I am thrilled to give the rest of my life, my heart and everything that I am to giving these two boys the absolute best home I can possibly provide for them.

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Time flies.

Well, I realize that I have not posted an update in more than a month, and I feel guilty about that, so let me explain.   We have been, almost without pause, spending every free moment working on directly, or planning for working on the “new” house.   Our contractor helped our budget quite a bit by allowing us to serve as a subcontractor.  Michelle and I installed all the hard flooring surfaces in the house, the majority of the light fixtures/fans, and also served as the painting contractor.  In relate-able terms, Michelle and I installed approximately 1300 square feet of tile, and laminate flooring.  Michelle painted the entire first floor (1300 sq ft) and I scrapped and painted the deck.  I have also been building doors for a storage area in the car port. (One is complete and installed thanks to help from my brother)  So, I hope you will cut me some slack about having been MIA for more than  a month.  Today, in fact, is the “final inspection” for all the contract work that has been done.  That does not mean that we are finished with all the things we need/want to do prior to moving in, but it will take some degree of the pressure off.   Deadlines make for long days.  Last week I was up at 5:50am every day, and worked at my paying job, left there, went home, changed clothes, and then worked at the house until at least 9 every night.  That is not something I recommend that any of you do.   The worst part of having to do that, was that I got very little “Logan time’.  I missed that.

Saturday, Michelle needed uninterrupted time to get about 800 sq ft of floor grouted.  So I was on Logan duty.   The little guy and I had a good time.  I enjoyed his request to have me pull him around in his wagon.  We loaded up the wagon with his bubble machine and I pulled him up and down the driveway for probably at least an hour.  I’m sure we looked like a scene that was cut from Willie Wonka with the trail of bubbles floating after our little caravan.   I introduced him to the fun of picking a dandelion and blowing the seeds off.  (yeah, I’m not a control freak about the lawn)  I gently steered him away from a fire ant mound. (I took care of them later)  We played on the deck, him riding his tricycle around the bubble machine and I watched and every once in a while scraped a loose flake of paint.  He amazed me again, when we both got a little hot and decided to go inside and cool down.  I took him up to his room where we had a portable crib set up.  We played for a bit, and then I asked if he was tired.  “Yes.”  Do you want to take a nap? “No.”  Less than 5 minutes later, “Daddy, I go nite nite.”  That is pretty clear.  I put him in the crib, covered him up, and he slept for 90 minutes.

Long story short, I really enjoyed spending time with my son on Saturday, and we made up for some lost time by having some real quality time.  I’m very conscious of that balancing act.  I think all parents do something as a reaction to their own upbringing that they found wanting.  For me, my father was a wonderful man, a great provider, and certainly knowledgeable about many things, but I wish he had spent more time with me when I was young.  I think that is one of the advantages to being a little bit older than most people with young kids.  I’ve already done the career focus time, and my marriage is strong and stable and established. (we celebrated 20 years of wedded bliss early this month) So, I WANT to spend time with my son.  I WANT him to look forward to spending time with me.  I want to be someone he enjoys spending time with because I know that sometime in the future I will be the dad who simply doesn’t understand and could never understand his teen angst.  Although it is hard to even imagine that kind of thing from our little guy.

All in all, the whole new house undertaking is one we are doing in large part because we both feel like Logan will benefit in every way from having this as his childhood home.  He is only 2 now and likely will not remember the house where he lived for his first 2 years.  Instead of 1/3 of an acre in a subdivision, he will have 1.7 acres with trees, a creek, a barn, and plenty of space to play.  We have plans for a play area where I will build him a jungle gym type structure.  His room in the new house will be more than double the size of his present room.  I measured it yesterday.  18×13.  I think he will have enough room for toys for a while.  Michelle has found a really unique bed that gives the feel of sleeping in a tree house.  (it will have stairs not a ladder) Naturally it will be safe, but that kind of a big room gives us the opportunity for more creativity.  (yes, I will build that too.)

Until the next time.  And, as always, thanks for reading.

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Finding time.

Michelle and I decided to capitalize upon the down housing market and found a new house and bought it.  Well…..let me back up a moment and tell you how this came about.  Marvin and Donna, Michelle’s parents are planning on moving to our little “Mayberry” here.  Michelle accompanied her mother to hunt for a house for her parents.  Marvin and Donna are still looking for a house.  And she wonders why I am afraid every time she goes shopping.

So, we found a home that someone else could not afford to keep.  The bank didn’t want to be in the business of owning unoccupied homes, so we helped them out.  The “new” house has just under 2 acres, and a barn (for me and my tools) .  It is a little bit bigger than our present home by 200 square feet.  And it is only 4 miles from our present home, so the family ties won’t be strained much.

When we first moved to “Mayberry” it was the height of the housing boom prices, and we simply could not afford a place that was ideally suited to what we wanted.  Our previous home in Kentucky was situated on 8 acres, much of it wooded, and definitely rural.  We loved it.   When we moved, we opted to buy a home in a subdivision, but it was never exactly what we wanted.  It was close to family (5 houses away) and close to all the conveniences of the suburbs.   Now we have a balanced mix of both.  We are close to restaurants and shopping, but far enough away that we have a little space.

All of that was a round about way of getting to my point, which is that Logan will have the best of both worlds.  He will have friends and family nearby, but have the benefit of a big yard, a shallow creek (what boy doesn’t LOVE to play in a creek?) and have a HUGE room!  Literally, his new room will be more than twice the size of his present room.  Finally enough room for his toys.

The down side of the whole situation is that because it was a “distressed property” or foreclosure we are doing a lot of work to get it ready for us.  We have, or rather Michelle has been painting.  (I don’t paint)  Today we worked on installing flooring.  Two weeks ago I removed all the ceramic tile in the kitchen, and laundry room while Michelle removed the laminate in the breakfast room and entry way.  Breaking ceramic tile and removing the concrete board underneath is a job you should hire out if the situation ever presents itself.   Those people on DIY network are lying.  It isn’t that easy, and it isn’t fun.

So, now that I am at home, with an ice pack on my shoulder and ibuprofen in my system I realized I hadn’t written anything here in a long time.  Sorry, I’ve been busy.   I will attempt to make the next post more about Logan than the other stuff of life.

Oh….one item about the little guy.  He was sitting down for breakfast the other day and I asked if he wanted waffles.  He said yes, so I got them out, and he said, “NO, put them back.”  A full sentence from a 2-year-old.  I am a proud papa.

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