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Changes galore are in the works.  We have a new crib for family member yet to be named.  Logan’s new room has been painted with cool new mural like things on the walls.  We are slowly moving stuff to the new house.  We found a reliable contractor to get some work done at the present house and the new house.  That lifts some psychological burdens about how to get everything done before the new guy arrives.   Michelle has arranged movers and she found the contractor.  I was out-of-town much of last week, so she has been the rock of the family.   All this is the “stuff” that occupies our time and thoughts while we get prepared for our new arrival.

I’ve purchased two wireless IP cameras that have full pan and tilt functionality.  Yes, I am a geek. We can watch both cameras from our laptops, and our phones.

Lastly, I need to share another Logan story.  The little man and I went for a drive this morning to pick up my mower from the repair shop.   It was about 20 miles away, so there was plenty of time for us to chat.  On the way home, I had on Sirius/XM’s Classic Vinyl station.  Edgar Winter’s “Free Ride” came on and Logan said, “Loud Daddy”.   We continued driving and listening to 70s era classic rock, and Logan was chair dancing the whole time.  He has got to be the coolest 2-year-old on the planet.

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Sponge Logan

I find it amazing, enlightening and sometimes frightening just how much he absorbs from family, friends, other kids, strangers,  and of course his parents.

I have to say I am proud of him learning and being able to say “umbrella”  Of course, when it is open it instantly becomes a hat.  Just as long as he doesn’t do that same thing at 15 we’ll be fine.

He picked up some sort of bug and is running a slight fever and has a runny nose.  I knew he was able to say “nose” when he wanted his nose wiped, but he pulled a new one out of the hat today.  He walked over to me and said, “Boogers.”  Delightful.  I did not teach him that word.  I have no idea where he learned it.  I’m sure this is only the first of many words he will learn that I wish he hadn’t.

On a different note, I am amazed at his acceptance of technology.  He can work my IPhone.  can retrieve messages from the answering machine using the phone, and knows how to mute and unmute the TV.   I have no idea if these are normal behaviors in a 2 yr old, but they seem advanced to me.  He also thinks all phones should be able to entertain him with a talking cat, a shapes game, or to give him Elmo videos on demand.   His concept of what a phone looks like is completely and totally different from what a kid growing up in my generation would assume was a phone.  He picked up Michelle’s nano ipod yesterday and “answered” it.   Things like that never occurred to me prior to having a child.  Although I still have some, he has probably never seen an album or a cassette tape.  A wired phone, that is just silly.   If he wants to see Elmo right now, he doesn’t have to wait for Sesame Street to come on tv, just fire up You Tube.  When someone holds up a phone in front of their face, he says “CHEESE!”  He recognizes that they are probably taking a picture even though he knows it is a phone.   He knows that music can and does come from the TV.  He’ll point at the TV and say “Moosik”.    He will point at the screen that is the radio/climate control etc in the car and say “Elmo”.  Fully expecting that since it is a thing that looks like a computer or TV that he should be able to watch Elmo on demand there.

My how times and expectations have changed.

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Modern societal ills.

I am a fan of computers. On the whole I believe my life is better because they exist and proliferate. Today was one of those rare days when I find myself in the shoes of one who could easily fore go technology forevermore. (A Luddite) At work we are getting ready to introduce a new ticketing system. Since I’m in IT, I have to know how to use the ticketing system prior to it being introduced, and I’m a tester of the system. Yay me. I installed the software some weeks ago. Yesterday and today have been spent trying to get it to do the most basic of functions….look something up. It would not do so. My boss suggested I reinstall the software. This is where it becomes almost comical. My company is militant about what is and what is not allowed to be installed on your work computer. So I had to go to the company, “Software Store” to access the program I needed to reinstall. So I was required to give my extra super double secret login to access said Software Store. The page came up saying it was not available, but there was a “continue” button at the bottom of the page. Being curious, and somewhat disregarding of authority, I clicked continue. Lo and behold, the Software store opened, and required that I download a file to be able to use it. I did. Then I had to use my extra super double secret login again and I was finally granted access to the inner sanctum of the Software Store. (cue angel chorus) Ah, but wait, we’re not done yet. I evidently had an old version of the software that was required to be able to use the Software Store, so I had to download the more up to date version. I did. It failed to run properly. It said I did not have permission to install software on my pc, which I do. So, I rebooted. Many minutes later, once I was fully booted, I opted to not run any programs other than what was necessary to get my software installed. Back to the Software Store, double secret login, not available, continue, oh, here it is, you need to install software to access it, do so, double secret login again, HUZZAH. Download software to allow me to access the Software store, it installs properly this time. Search for and find the software I was originally seeking, download it and install it. Whew…. Log out of Software store, go to newly installed application that previously didn’t work and try it again. IT STILL DOESN’T WORK. So, my boss suggested to try reinstalling it again. (sounds of me banging my head against my desk) I removed it a 2nd time, went through the same flaming hoops as before to reinstall it a 2nd time, and guess what? It STILL DOESN’T WORK. Gee, who would have predicted that outcome? Oh, we’re not done yet. Next I had to put in a trouble ticket. I went to the “self help” ticketing website, and put in my ticket. Immediately received the friendly automated confirmation email, and now I sit waiting. Mind you my boss is expecting me to finish the document I’m working on that details how to use this system for all the other folks similar to myself who will be using it soon. I leave on Friday to go out of town, so I basically have until tomorrow to a) get my issues with the application fixed, and b) document how all this is SUPPOSED to work in a world of rainbows and butterflies. Do I sound skeptical? Anyone care to join me in starting World Luddite appreciation day?

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Tick tock

As Wednesday quickly approaches, my mind races with all the things we need to be sure we have packed.  I like lists.  Michelle hates them.  I haven’t told her I’ve made lists so we don’t forget things because it would annoy her, but since she doesn’t read the blog, I can tell all of you.

New subject:  Weather.  Discuss.

Why couldn’t the adoption be taking place in Hawaii, or Florida or even the Gulf Coast somewhere?  Utah in the winter for an adapted southener is just unkind.  I actually have to find my winter gear from when I lived up north.    Evidently the part of Utah where we are headed got 2-4 inches of snow today.  Aren’t you jealous, I get to drive a rental car in unfamiliar territory on yucky roads!

New subject:  Tech support.  Discuss.

I had to have my laptop “re-imaged” late last week.  “Re-imaged” is geek speak for erased, or mulligan, or do over.   Today, for the first time since the big event, I attempted to access my company lan remotely.  I could get to email, but I couldn’t get to much else.  So, I guess I have to get that resolved before we leave tomorrow.   Why is it that whenever someone in tech support touches my computer for anything more than 2 minutes it takes me a week to get it working the way I want again?

New subject: Disjointed thoughts.  Discuss.

I’ve been like this for several days now.  My mind races at full speed in one direction only to take a 90 degree turn at absolutely random moments and plunge headlong into an unrelated topic.  I wonder if people with mental disorders are like this all the time?  I wonder if I’m the only person who isn’t like this all the time? I’ve had discussions with people that made me think I might be the unusual one in that respect.

New subject:  Airline baggage restrictions and costs.  Discuss.

In my list making (see. full circle, maybe I’m not insane after all) I’ve been considering how to pack everything we need without incurring the dreaded “extra bag fee”.   Michelle is in the process of starting her packing as I type this, and I see bulky sweaters.  This makes me think that my suitcase will be the one compromised to fit all the baby’s things.  Hmm. AH HA!  I have the solution!  SPACE BAGS!   We have some somewhere that are for travel.   Wow, can you even imagine what the baggage restrictions will be like when we can travel to space?  If the airliness are running that operation they will probably just charge your ticket price based upon your weight and your luggage weight.  They are mean like that.

Well I suppose I’ve wasted enough of your time.   Go do something productive.

For those of you who, like me,  get a song planted in your head and can’t get it out…..

Its been raining and icky here all day, and I’ve been singing silently in my head all day, “Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor would you be mine, could you be mine.”

You’re welcome.

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Advice for the less geeky.

If you do not already have the Firefox browser, stop reading and go get it now.

It is more secure, faster and much more flexible than Internet Explorer, AND it has some really cool, extra nifty, and positively swell features. One thing you can do very easily using Firefox that I have yet to figure out how to do in IE is to subscribe to my RSS feed. I know I’ve already lost a few of you with that last sentence. (tempted to name names here, but I’ll be nice) If you are viewing this in Firefox, you should have a little icon up in the URL box that looks something like an orange square with a dot in the bottom left hand corner and rings coming out from the dot like ripples on a pond. If you click the orange thing, it will bring up a window that allows you to subscribe to my blog. “Why on earth would I want to do that?”, I can already hear some of you saying. Well, it makes it easier on you primarily. You subscribe with just a couple of additional clicks, nothing fancy, and then, you’ll get a button on your toolbar for this site. If you want to know if I’ve posted anything new, click the button and it will give you a list of the most recent posts. If you have already read those posts, as I know you will have already done because you check my blog hourly. (HA!) then you can ignore it. If not, you can click on the heading you have yet to read and it will take you there just like a bookmark. (or “favorite” if you are an IE slave). The cool thing about RSS feeds is once you start using them, you wonder how you managed without them. Anytime you see that orange do-dad in the URL of a site, you can subscribe. You won’t get spammed, you won’t get pop-ups, you just get notified when YOU choose to look, of any new posts. See? Really cool, extra nifty and swell….maybe even spiffy!

So, now you know how to subscribe to an RSS feed! See how educational this blog can be? Go do something more important now.


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