Tick tock

As Wednesday quickly approaches, my mind races with all the things we need to be sure we have packed.  I like lists.  Michelle hates them.  I haven’t told her I’ve made lists so we don’t forget things because it would annoy her, but since she doesn’t read the blog, I can tell all of you.

New subject:  Weather.  Discuss.

Why couldn’t the adoption be taking place in Hawaii, or Florida or even the Gulf Coast somewhere?  Utah in the winter for an adapted southener is just unkind.  I actually have to find my winter gear from when I lived up north.    Evidently the part of Utah where we are headed got 2-4 inches of snow today.  Aren’t you jealous, I get to drive a rental car in unfamiliar territory on yucky roads!

New subject:  Tech support.  Discuss.

I had to have my laptop “re-imaged” late last week.  “Re-imaged” is geek speak for erased, or mulligan, or do over.   Today, for the first time since the big event, I attempted to access my company lan remotely.  I could get to email, but I couldn’t get to much else.  So, I guess I have to get that resolved before we leave tomorrow.   Why is it that whenever someone in tech support touches my computer for anything more than 2 minutes it takes me a week to get it working the way I want again?

New subject: Disjointed thoughts.  Discuss.

I’ve been like this for several days now.  My mind races at full speed in one direction only to take a 90 degree turn at absolutely random moments and plunge headlong into an unrelated topic.  I wonder if people with mental disorders are like this all the time?  I wonder if I’m the only person who isn’t like this all the time? I’ve had discussions with people that made me think I might be the unusual one in that respect.

New subject:  Airline baggage restrictions and costs.  Discuss.

In my list making (see. full circle, maybe I’m not insane after all) I’ve been considering how to pack everything we need without incurring the dreaded “extra bag fee”.   Michelle is in the process of starting her packing as I type this, and I see bulky sweaters.  This makes me think that my suitcase will be the one compromised to fit all the baby’s things.  Hmm. AH HA!  I have the solution!  SPACE BAGS!   We have some somewhere that are for travel.   Wow, can you even imagine what the baggage restrictions will be like when we can travel to space?  If the airliness are running that operation they will probably just charge your ticket price based upon your weight and your luggage weight.  They are mean like that.

Well I suppose I’ve wasted enough of your time.   Go do something productive.

For those of you who, like me,  get a song planted in your head and can’t get it out…..

Its been raining and icky here all day, and I’ve been singing silently in my head all day, “Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor would you be mine, could you be mine.”

You’re welcome.

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The ultimate act of vanity?

I certainly hope those who read this will give me the benefit of the doubt and not assume that because I am writing a blog that I feel I have something of great importance to convey. I’m just a regular guy, with a regular job, looking for an effective way to update friends and family about what is going on in the life of myself and my family. I intend to stay away from inherently controversial topics because I just don’t feel the need to be on the receiving end of argumentative comments from those who disagree with me. Some folks I have known for 20+ years, and whose opinions I value, disagree with me, your opinion isn’t likely to change mine. If you disagree with me, I’m quite sure you can find plenty of other pages to read.

The secondary motivation for this blog is to document our (my wife and I) journey to adopt. It is very early on in the process on the morning of January 21st 2008. We are compiling the necessary documentation to submit our request to adopt. For the uninitiated, the process for prospective parents to adopt is quite complex, detailed, and involved and is that way out of necessity. If it were easy, and there were no security precautions then those amongst us in society who do not have the best interests of children at heart would be able to adopt and do Lord knows what with the child. So, while it is time consuming, and challenging to complete I’m glad the children are protected by the process. If it were easy to do, it wouldn’t be as meaningful.

I am sure that as we travel this path there will be days when we will need the support of our friends and family. I would like to say with my first post, Thank you, to all of you who are starting this journey with us. When we told the first few people we were considering this, the reaction was overwhelmingly positive and supportive. That reaction has been consistent with each new person we’ve told. Thank you. Just knowing that others whose opinions we value think we will be good parents gives us strength.


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